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Back End Development

Back End Development

Enterprise-Grade Distributed Backends- Complete Designing & Development
In order to help our clients reach the top, we provide backends that are compatible with all servers, databases, and software. If you want to develop a strong, secure, reliable, and scalable architecture, we can help you choose the correct tech stack.

Architecture Made For Software

We have delivered upwards of “x” goods to our clients while providing quality and insight. Our products cover a wide range of industries, including IoT, FinTech, Databases, AI/ML, SaaS, Networking, and consumer-facing web apps. To help you accomplish your ultimate objective, we have a team of professional engineers and developers.


Here Is What & How We Deliver!

Microservice Architecture

We scalable backend microservice architecture-based solutions from the very beginning

Native Approach

Microservice Architecture combines Cloud Native Infrastructure with Microservice Architecture to provide customers and end-users with scalable and resilient services.

High-End Security

Security procedures provide the foundation for high-end authentication processes, authorisation frameworks, secure API gateways and data encryption solutions.

SaaS Integrations

3rd party SaaS integration for user analytics, CRM, Marketing Automation, Billing to help businesses achieve the desired goal.

Communication Support

Integrate real-time communication services like Pusher, Firebase along with timely push notifications support.

Bug Free Development

For bug-free application completion, test-driven development practices are employed for a smooth process.

Here Is What We Use

Top Frameworks & Languages

Our team of industry-leading specialists ensures that top frameworks and languages are integrated into the development process by taking into account their strengths, advantages, and use cases to construct robust applications.

Cache & Message

We offer the finest in terms of sub/pub messaging, push alerts, and caching to improve response rates.

SQL Databases

It doesn't matter if it's a conventional or contemporary database, we've got you covered. We deliver the best experience through databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, AWS Aurora, CockroachDB, and others.

NoSQL Databases

Cassandra, MongoDB and other leading NoSQL databases help us meet both needs: schema-free document storage for quick queries and horizontal scaling.

Microservice Architecture

In conjunction with our skills and expertise, we recognise the importance of microservices, which allows us to utilise the most beneficial technologies for communication, orchestration, and deployment available on the market. In order to create microservices applications that have the finest API Gateways, top security choices, best circuit breakers and other features, we utilise Consul, Envoy, and other tools for communication and Docker and Kubernetes for simple deployment.


Technology is evolving and in order to keep up with these rapid advancements, we provide serverless consultancy and the finest in-line app development solutions. The best technologies and the latest upgrades are used to help you reach your goals.

Technologies That Are Our Driving Force

Words from our Clients

We are very satisfied with the work of SpidronTech.
Responsive, professional and competent, they are able to meet needs and make the required adjustments, I recommend the team for PHP projects.

Great Work SpidronTech, very good experience, we recommend this team to work on PHP projects.

Florent Masson

We are very happy to have found SpidronTech as our offshore software development partner in Pune, India. During our tenure, SpidronTech team has built a strong relationship with our team for the future projects.
The advantage of choosing SpidronTech team is they are well-mannered and friendly with their clients. The quality of their work is extraordinarily good; they are extremely fast and responsive. I would like to recommend this company to anyone for the PHP development.

Aliou Toure

a team of true professionals frankly nothing to complain about !!
They are available, listening.
I asked them to create a very complex Android and IOS application with access by an administration part, mission succeeds !! I really and strongly advise you to work with them you will not be disappointed !! capacities in application development that meet your expectations

Dimitry Duez

We had a very good experience with SpidronTech. The team is competent and dedicated, they always find solutions to our complex demand because we needed a full website builted on custom LARAVEL / PHP. We also need additional features not included in the initial description and it never was a problem with Spidron. After 4 month I’m really happy to consider them as a partner.
I highly recommend this team for building or work on your website.

David Decoussan

I had a very good experience with Nidhi for the development of complex Laravel project from scratch. She has an outstanding knowledge of numerous technologies. Also, She is very hard working and dedicated to her work. Great job we would like to have a long term partnership with SpidronTech team for more projects.
I strongly recommend SpidronTech team to everyone.

Ali Bouzidi

Very professional team. Listening and very responsive.
Project done in Symfony with very popular features
To recommend without moderation

Cheikh Amla Thiam

The commercial contact is very good, the follow-up of the project is also. Having a very complete specification will increase the understanding of your project.
  As an offshore partner, you can trust SpidronTech. If the job is not done, the SpidronTech team will not charge you for this job.

David M

The whole project went very well with SpidronTech. They are responsive and listen to your request. The site was delivered on time despite a tight schedule.
The result of the site is impeccable and even above my expectations.
With SpidronTech I really enjoyed the feeling of being accompanied from start to finish of the project and even afterwards with technical support.
In case of question or adjustment on the site, the technical support is very responsive and very efficient.

I really recommend the company SpidronTech for your IT projects.

Kevin Lavet

Thank you for the huge work for the platform. A++, I am happy to work with SpidronTech on my Toquing project in Angular 6, Laravel 5.7, MySQL, Stripe Connect, Crisp, Google API integration. I am really very happy to work with Nidhi & team because her team understand very quickly despite the language barrier. Also, suggestions given by the team for the betterment of the project were very useful and excellent.
A very big congratulations for the great job and a huge thanks. Would love to work with you again.
Hip Hip Hurray Guys!
See you soon with a new project

Laurent Darrigrand

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