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School Scheduling Software

School Scheduling Software

Traditional Methods that are followed by educational institutions for scheduling the timetable of students and managing the day-to-day activities of staff teachers was time consuming and not that effective. The advent of digitization era has encouraged the educational institutions to increase the demand for an online platform that can automate the entire process and help them to get rid of the traditional approach.

Client has allocated this project to the dedicated team of Spidrontech. Our team members are always ready to help our clients in all aspects so as to fulfill their essential needs by innovating their solution for making it more comprehensive.


Client is the head of large educational institution and also monitors all the activities in order to analyze the performance of administrative members, teachers, and students. He was frequently experiencing some challenges when it comes to the overall arrangement of school activities and so he decided to create a fully automated system for its staff to organize their work properly. The aim of giving this project to the Spidrontech Web Developers is to automate the process that involves the arrangement of school and college timetables which enables the staff members to know whether the teacher has entered the right class room at the right time or not. The solution should be designed sophistically such that it can easily fit the screen size of mobile devices and desktop which makes it more flexible for the users. It must have the feature in which the lists are provided to the admin that include the teacher personal details (name, age, contact details, mail id & level of proficiency in their respective subjects), available classrooms, and the subjects covered in that particular class. It was more challenging to securely transfer the manual data to the client server.


Spidrontech Team with their best knowledge and skills have managed to build an app that can easily allow the educational institutions to arrange the timetables of all classes. Coding is done precisely and can be modified for the purpose of adding new features to the existing application. This app also contains dhtmlxScheduler, a JavaScript Event Calendar, having multiple features and is considered to be as the solution majorly preferred by software developers while designing a task schedule application.  In addition to this, it is featured with OptaPlanner, an AI constraint solver, used to guides the staff members, especially, when they are experiencing a lack of resources (teachers, assets, high infrastructure and funds for organizing the events) so that they can make a wise decision to address these issues.


Features and Benefits:

  • Option is provided to the staff members which displays the entire list including the teacher’s personal information and also specifies the time when they should be available in the classroom.
  • Admin has given the rights to make some necessary changes in the timetable.
  • Teachers can communicate freely with the staff members, as it is featured with the chatting options.
  • It will send email or SMS notifications to the staff members, when something is not going in accordance with the tasks that are arranged by them and also in the case of upcoming events.
  • This application also holds the historical & current data of users through which the administration can make their further planning.
  • Unique UI/UX design makes this application high responsive and easier to operate.
  • This application also contains the page which displays the students that they have recently taken the admission.

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