Our initiative towards the growth of global economy in Covid-19 Crisis: Know More



It’s been so long that the world is suffering from a coronavirus pandemic. The situation is gloomy and heartbreaking, you look around and you will see what has happened, what is happening and what can happen in the future!

Even in this hard time, we are still dedicated to perform our core responsibilities while delivering all projects on time. When attending any project, we ensure not to miss even the smallest of things to make the final product not just robust but also competitive.

We are leaders in the market not because we are awesome, but because our clients have made us awesome. They have shown trust on us and on our services and that is why it simply becomes our duty to never break their trust in any condition.

Our team is the major part of our firm, thus, we are standing with them in any situation. We care for them, for their family, and that is why we are strictly following all the government rules & regulations along with opting for work from home modules. The new normal though was a little challenging in the beginning but this was the way that brought no casualties or cases in the team. To make working uninterrupted, we are using online platforms extensively for constant communication without sacrificing the delivery quality.

This is our side of the story, we are sure, you must have questions related to project deliveries and our preparations. Keeping everything in mind, below is a FAQ section answering a major number of queries-


What are your preparations to stand against the Pandemic?

To stand against the pandemic, we are following work from home modules. We know our team is our strength, thus, we are encouraging and supporting them to strictly follow all the precautionary measures along with sticking to government guidelines. For our overseas clients, we are always available on call or from an online medium, apart from that, we have a secure infrastructure in place to never compromise with the work.

How to keep the work going if my point of contact gets infected with a virus?

As said, we encourage our team to strictly follow government guidelines and precautionary measures to keep them and their family safe. However, the virus is highly contagious and we cannot predict how far or how soon it can affect. But we can surely assure you that your project work will not get hampered in any situation. To keep the flow smooth, the project is allocated to two major points of contact, so that one will remain available in case another one gets infected.

Are you taking any step for resources deployed in other countries?

Yes, since no international travelling is allowed, our team is instructed to stay indoors. Also, we have requested our clients to provide work from home services to our team so that none gets affected mentally or professionally.

Will you be able to deliver my project on time?

Keeping every possibility in mind, we assure you that your project will be delivered within the set time period. Our team is instructed to follow every measure to deliver the final product on time without hampering the quality. We have appointed two points of contact to make the flow of work smooth and attended.