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Mobile Testing

Mobile Testing

The usability, functionality, and consistency of any mobile application are critical to ensuring that the product delivered to end customers is seamless, lag-free, and meets the standards put forth for it. That is why you will need to hire a professional to examine your gadgets on a regular basis. You may either automate or manually do mobile testing. To begin, you must grasp the fundamentals, including knowing the operating system, in order to develop a solid test strategy. Some of the considerations you may need to make in order to properly do mobile testing are sophisticated and involve complicated abilities that you may not have. As a result, SpidronTech is ready to collaborate and walk with you to guarantee that your systems are up and operating smoothly. We have a team of engineers that have tested Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows, and BlackBerry operating systems.

Mobile testing has two key components: testing mobile apps and evaluating the web site’s operation and responsiveness to mobile devices. Let’s take a look at each of them in more depth.

Mobile apps

Apps for mobile devices are essential for business. A frequent testing programme is needed to make sure everything is running well. SpidronTech is aware that there are more than 7.26 billion mobile app users in the world. More than 258 billion individuals are expected to use mobile apps by 2022. As a result, we will assist you in meeting their needs. Reviewers’ opinions matter and will decide whether or not your firm succeeds. Performance issues and bad user interface are likely to stifle performance and lead to negative customer feedback. Testing mobile apps nowadays is more important than ever before.

SpidronTech will conduct testing on any mobile application you want. Usability criteria are our primary concern. We’ll look at functionality, load time, security, usability, and performance…. Installing, certifying, and locating the app will be the focus of our engineers’ efforts. As well, they’ll be on the lookout for memory leaks and other disruptions.

We test mobile apps on all versions of operating systems, as well as on a variety of screen resolutions. We promise to validate the quality and efficiency of each app launched on the market. As a result, we provide our clients with the option of testing on actual devices rather than emulators. We also employ cloud devices to test hundreds of devices, not just remotely, but simultaneously.


Mobile Web testing

In the current culture, the usage of mobile webs is growing more and more important. Mobile websites have a huge readership because of this. Regular mobile website testing is therefore required. It measures the website’s responsiveness to users as well as its efficiency. On our team at SpidronTech, we test websites for problems and guarantee they are ready for public use and simply accessible. Aside from that, we also test for usability and functioning.

To carry out web testing, we use the following tests:

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