Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Regular maintenance and upkeep of brand-deployed apps is critical for continuing expansion on the Y axis, both in terms of site traffic and fiscal advancement. Testing methods and tools must be readily available so that you can accurately forecast how your system will react and function under a variety of stress circumstances. It will help you avoid catastrophic slowdowns that are likely to diminish the application's efficiency, lower production, and drive consumers away. SpidronTech LLP offers excellent performance testing to your doorstep for this purpose.

Our personnel have years of experience in software performance testing, and we concentrate our efforts on aiding our customers in giving significant value to their end-users. Thus, when you hire us, we will extensively evaluate the resources that the programme is using in its operations from different perspectives; we will also test its speed, scalability, dependability, and reaction time. These are critical characteristics that we investigate in order to shed light on the overall performance of your programme.

Furthermore, we undertake specialised performance testing to evaluate how your system performs under varied workloads. We can use this information to advise on the conditions in which the system should be utilised and the manner in which it should be used.

How we do it

As a product of our automated testing procedures, nothing is more important to us at SpidronTech than providing the highest level of quality in order to achieve total client satisfaction. In order to do this, we need to determine the environment in which the test will be performed. Then, we set up the test, run it, and assess the results to see whether they were accurate. The data is then cleaned before it is used in any way.

We deploy a variety of testing techniques because we care about the reliability of the results we get. Some of the popular techniques we deploy are:


Spike testing

Increased user numbers are introduced in an unexpected manner to see how the system reacts. When we use this approach, we can tell if the system can handle an additional burden during peak hours. It allows us to assess the degree to which you can trust on the system, which is quite important.

Soak testing

It is a type of endurance testing that we use to determine the parameters under a particular load. In this section, we monitor how the system uses its memory, which allows us to discover performance issues or memory leakage. We can also see how the system will function when you put it to work for extended periods of time.

Stress testing

We run the test to determine the ideal capacity of every system we're looking into. It also assists us in determining how the system will operate if the load unexpectedly exceeds the predicted optimal performance.

Load testing

We carry out the test to help us understand how the system behaves under some load. Besides, it helps us measure vital transactions such as the impact on the server and database.

SpidronTech employs a variety of plugins to improve the performance of certain programmes. They enable us to easily examine and bypass some of the constraints that particular protocols impose. Furthermore, it allows us to run tests perfectly and provide relevant data. The following are a some of the tools we use in our effort to give clients with high-quality performance testing:


Apache Jmeter is an open-source software tool for measuring and analysing the performance of a variety of services in web applications. It is useful in load testing processes to gain a better understanding of a system’s traffic bearability and, thus, its functionality.

Open STA

For evaluating HTTPS and HTTP capabilities and performance, we rely on this tool. An array of procedures may be carried out by developers owing to its powerful server benchmarking capabilities. Other tests to understand important system performance metrics may be carried out using it.

Web Load Testing

ITo test the system’s performance, a consultant can utilise this tool. For online and mobile apps, WebLOAD combines the most relevant and important parts of load testing into a single job function that can be used for rapid and easy validation.


Why Us

We are a deeply committed team of engineers committed to delivering a wide range of technical services, including software testing, to both local and offshore businesses. We provide our services to industries of all sizes and shapes, from small startups with loads of promise to Fortune 500, global corporations. With our powerful and skilled performance testing and quality assurance services, we have the ability to back up your brand and ensure that your systems operate properly.

When you work with SpidronTech LLP, you will profit greatly from our engineer’s impeccable industry knowledge and dedication to perfection. Our staff will work with you to quickly discover faults in your system that make it difficult to offer services, therefore improving the user experience. We are a dependable performance testing business that will meet your requirements by utilising cutting-edge technology.

Types of tests we offer

At SpidronTech, we understand the ever-changing environment of the systems we use. So, we already have an array of automated tests that include but not limited to:

Code Analysis

We use both dynamic and static analysis tools to carry out the tests. The test is intended to look for flaws. To carry out this test, we use codes to institute the checks.

Unit tests

We automate unit tests to investigate a function or operation. This test is run on a builder server and does not depend on the file storage or API. It is a quick test we use to test the code only.

Integration test

This is an end-to-end test that requires fake external resources setting to allow for external dependencies. The test eliminates dependency on external factors in determining the outcome of a test.

Automated Acceptance Test

Many practises now use automated acceptance testing (AAT) before developing the necessary functionality. In this scenario, an automated acceptance test may be conducted to assess whether they can keep their promise. As a result, the developer, QA team, and business must work together to design these tests that meet their expectations.

Regression tests

They are written tests that can be driven through a UI or API code. We use various tools to write these tests, and we can do so using a GUI.

Performance test

They are tests designed to examine various elements of the application's performance. It can be used to test how well a component of an application will withstand high pressure. For example, can the system withstand extreme temperatures? What happens if the load is abruptly increased?

Smoke Tests

This test is often done following maintenance to check that the dependencies and services it is intended to supply are operational.