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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Basic Information

We understand the sensitiveness of all the information gathered through the internet, thus, we are committed to safeguard and protect all your sensitive information while keeping everything confidential. This privacy policy page reflects all the terms we follow on our platform.

Not just us, we believe, our users should also be aware of what we collect from the internet, how the information is analyzed, processed, and further used for any reference. The privacy policy here will provide you with an understanding of what we collect when a user uses our platform and other related services.

The use of the platform, domain name, service pages, or any other linked pages- all is taken into consideration by us. When you acknowledge our page, you also acknowledge our terms & conditions and accept the privacy policy practices. If you do not accept or would not like to acknowledge the same, it is requested to refrain from using our platform or services given by us.

We ensure not to address any information of an individual below the age of 18. If you are a guardian or parents and get to know that your child has given us permission to collect personal data without parental acknowledgment, kindly reach out to us. We will make sure to take all the necessary actions to remove the data gathered.

We use all the data, or personal information gathered through our servers to provide you a better & personalized experience next time while enhancing our operations too. Also, using that data, we ensure to answer all your queries in an efficient manner.

Personal information means information that can help us to identify and understand a user. The information can be the user’s phone number, email address, name, IP address, and other related information. On this privacy policy page, we ensure not to misuse any of the information or data gathered from the website and everything is used to make the experience outstanding.

Also, when a user acknowledges a privacy policy, he/she is also acknowledging clauses written on the terms & conditions page. We believe when a user agrees to our privacy policy, he/she must have read and understood our policies and practices. We can anytime delete or add a few parts of our privacy policy practices and terms & conditions policies too. It is thus recommended to visit the privacy policy page before getting started with us.

Information Gathered

Here are all the things we gather, analyze, and process-

  • Personal information like user’s name, gender, phone number, email address, IP address. We have access to the user’s website movement from one to another. This information is required to be sure of the security and operations of our website. Other than security measures, we use personal information to provide our users personalized, smooth experience while using it for internal analytics and reporting.
  • Information like email or social media account is also taken into consideration which is linked with the account created by a user through our platform.
  • We also collect information related to hardware devices whenever a user accesses our platform. We might collect the user’s IP address, device type, geographic location, platform, etc.
  • Any information between a user and the company comes under ‘Personal Information’ or ‘Sensitive Personal Data or Information’ as defined in ‘(Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Information) Rules, 2011 (“SPI Rules”) is not collected by us. Personal information that comes under SPI rules are-
  1. Passwords
  2. User’s financial statements and information
  3. Medical records
  4. Health conditions
  5. Biometric information
  6. Visitor’s information provided at the time of registration or after
  7. Sexual orientation
  • It is to inform you that we are free to use, collect or disclose information available on public platforms without the user’s consent.
  • For a smooth experience, we request our users to provide us information like-
  1. Contact details
  2. Geographic data
  3. How would a user want to communicate with us
  4. Basic financial data for availing our services
  • For a personalized experience, we encourage our users to provide us additional information like-
  1. Lifestyle
  2. Interest
  3. Personality and others.

Offering such information means you agree to our privacy policy practices.

  • As mentioned above, we in any circumstance will not use the user’s information provided to the public domain. Meanwhile, we can use that information to provide you with further assistance related to our services.
  • The information is collected through data servers, thus, a user is also subjected to the terms of the data server’s policy. We ensure all the personal information will be deleted once the user will delete the account with us except the information highly required. To safeguard user’s personal data, we have implemented physical, operational, managerial, technical security measures.
  • We as a platform also store links related to third-party websites or applications.
  • We never create any hindrance to our user’s internet usage, thus, during the time of account settings, we take the consent of our users to send them a newsletter or other commercial offers. Users are free to make changes to the account settings as per their requirements.
  • We can disclose information which may seem mandatory for the legal process, government’s request, law, investigation process, illegal activities, suspicious activities, frauds, threat, and others. Any information disclosed from our end for any of the mentioned situations will be done keeping all the lawful practices intact. No information will be disclosed until or unless it is really important and comes under governmental orders.

How Do We Use Personal Information?

A user personal data is processed for the below-mentioned reasons-

  • For a personalized and tailor-made experience for the user
  • For push notifications related to new services, change in services, updates, and others
  • For internal record purposes
  • To connect with our users related to our business partners, promotions, services, products, and more with all constant
  • For market research, risk management, monitoring, and administrative purposes, testing, and more
  • We might disclose your data in case of emergency, fraud, theft, or as per the government’s order
  • To analyze our user’s preferences and how he/she uses our website

We do not collect data and information of the users who are below the age of 18. In case, if the data is collected without parental permission, a child’s parent can connect with us. We, on the other hand, will take every measure to remove the collected information from the servers.

User data will be revealed in case of bankruptcy, insolvency, partnership, sale of the company.

Use Of Cookies

During a user’s visit to our website, we use cookies that automatically detect and collect basic information about the user like- email address, platform users, IP address, and related things. All these gathered data results in customizing the user’s experience while improving our services too and analyzing our marketing practices.

Feel free to read our Cookies Policy to understand everything in detail.

Security Measures

It is our responsibility to protect user’s data be the personal information or the information that took place with the company. We follow all the industrial norms and rules to safeguard user data. All the gathered information is stored in our server and databases. We take all the necessary precautions, and measures to protect user’s information both way- online and offline.

Though we are responsible for safeguarding the user’s personal information,, it should also be noticed that there is no such thing called “100% security”. We cannot assure users of unintended disclosures of personal information and data. In case we become aware of a user’s personal data being disclosed which is not written in this privacy policy, we will take all the necessary action to notify users of the same.

Users should follow a few security measures from their end like-

  • Logging out properly when using a public computer
  • Not disclosing any of the account details, passwords, PIN, and financial statements
  • Making sure to frequently change the password
  • Resist using the same password for multiple accounts

It is to notify our users that we never sell user’s private information to any advertisers or third parties. We only use the user’s information to offer them a personalized experience based on his/her preferences. Users as and when required can block advertising cookies.

Transactional information is only required till performing a purchase transaction. No transaction or financial details will be saved. Our payment gateways are secure and are governed by the PCI Security Standards Council.

Privacy Policy Update

We as a company can anytime make changes to our Privacy Policy with or without prior notification. In case of using the user’s information, the company will send an emailed notice to the user regarding the changed terms so that a user can evaluate whether to continue with the services or not.

If you do not accept our privacy policy practices, you will not be able to avail of our services. For discontinuation of services or deactivation of email accounts, please connect with us using the contact details provided below.

In case a user is still using our platform even after the notice, he/she will be believed to accept our privacy policy and terms & conditions.