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Test Automation

Test automation is the process of automating tests and using the findings to improve the quality and performance of the programme. Process management of test data and the software production team's dedication to generating the best results out of the process are among the activities involved.

Tests can be conducted manually or automatically, depending on your preferences. Manual testing, on the other hand, demands that you be present and physically record the data. Time-consuming and demanding, it takes a lot of effort. The reason for this is that many firms, such as SpidronTech, rely on automated testing.

SpidronTech employs both manual and automated testing, depending on the situation and the requirements. We must first fulfil specific requirements in order to automate the test before deciding on a method to utilise.” As a result, it is expected to save both time and money.

How we do it

At SpidronTech, Nothing is more important to us than the outcomes of our automated testing. In order to do this, we need to determine the environment in which the test will be performed. The test is then set up, conducted, and the results are observed. The data is then cleaned before it is used in any way.


Types of tests we offer

At SpidronTech, we understand the ever-changing environment of the systems we use. So, we already have an array of automated tests that include but not limited to:

Tools for automation testing

When automating tests, it is important to utilise proper tools. As a company, we rely on straightforward and automatic technologies that help us fulfil our mission. Some of the tools that we use include the following.

SpidronTech is home to automation testing. We have the resources and the tools to use to carry out virtually all automated tests. Get in touch with us, and let’s discuss the possibilities.

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